First Prize as:
Best Global Product Launch / Best Execution

Second Prize as:
Best Event of the Year

Pirelli Cinturato Winter

 Client: Pirelli

An audience of roughly 250 journalists and international dealers was divided in 6 different sections structured as follows: product presentation convention, road tour through the natural Icelandic beauties (with a stopover to admire breathtaking gaysers and waterfalls) and tyre tests on the Longjokull terrain.
The Magic Box. Reykjavik’s Harpa Concert Hall was chosen as venue for the convention. With it’s very particular architectural structure, that has it inundated by light throughout the whole day, it is a very symbolic place in the country in which sun never sets during summer. Inside Harpa, we created the Magic Box, a setting that trough 4D wind, breeze, fog and dynamic floor effects, plunged the audience in an overwhelming experience.

Cinturato Pirelli 1
Cinturato Pirelli 3
Cinturato Pirelli 2
Cinturato Pirelli 4